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Sell a used car, SUV, boat motorcycle or truck. Post a want ad, find a good used forklift, remodelling contractor or plumber. Advertise your regional business or trade. SoKo can help... Increase your exposure with SoKo by using it along with other ads likes Florida Craigslist , Kijiji Florida, Florida Today Classifieds and South Florida classifieds

The website is free for buyers and sellers and you can even post a picture or logo with your ads for free. Leave your ads up as long as you wish. The automatic notification which allow you to receive an email when an ad is posted with that contains words or phrases like, "mobile homes" or "used ford mustangs".

The 'simple search' makes it easy to find what you want. 40 categories allows a spot for almost anything making browsing also easy. Used appliances, Florida jobs, plumbers, pets, dentists, real estate, vacation rentals, the list is endless!

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